Hello and welcome to my new personal blog. In the past I have been known to blog elsewhere, most notably at The Martian Chronicles over at the AGU blogosphere, but also at my short-lived blog about the Science of Starcraft¬†where I looked at real-world science in the Starcraft video game series, and occasionally at Science in my Fiction. I haven’t posted much at any of these sites lately, so in an effort to consolidate my web presence and also perhaps revitalize my blogging, I’m starting up a personal blog here at my home page. I’m hoping that freeing myself from the restriction in subject matter that was inherent in my other blogs, I will be able to rekindle my blogging habit and hopefully keep readers from my previous blogs engaged. We shall see. You’ll notice that I have imported my archive of posts from Science of Starcraft to this blog. That’s because I’m going to be shutting down the actual science of Starcraft site.

What to expect on this blog? Oh, this and that. Some science certainly. Likely lots of posts about speculative fiction, including reviews of books, movies, and games, and samples of my own projects. Maybe some personal posts too. The main point is, this blog does not have a specific topic built into its title, so that frees me to write about what I want when I want to. It should be fun!