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The Real Science of Starcraft 2

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Well folks, it looks like I’m not the only one interested in the Science of Starcraft! The gaming site GamePro has a very interesting article taking a look at several aspects of StarCraft science, including teleportation, zerg in space, a hive mind, and hybrid species. They cover each topic pretty quickly but it’s still worth reading. But be sure to check back here! I’ll dig into those and other topics in a lot more depth.


  1. Hodl pu

    Your site looks a lot nicer 🙂

    • Ryan

      Thanks! WordPress has some nice themes, and Blizzard provides free fan-site kits, so that’s where I got the blue background texture and the images that I put together for the header.

  2. Jackie Fauble


  3. zarpaulus

    They make some good points. Only issue I have is that they got the backstory mixed up with Firefly’s. It wasn’t overpopulation, the Koprulu sector colonists were “undesirables” spared from the United Earth Directorate’s concentration camps only to be thrown halfway across the galaxy.

  4. someone who is Alive

    you guys are stupid and shallow xD


    no your just not a pootis like me!!!!

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